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Ground & Road Murals

bendigo mural play

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Ground & Road Mural Artist

One of the many mural services provided by HAPPY DECAY is painted ground and road murals. A ground mural is similar to a wall mural though different types of paints are used.

The paints used for a ground, pathway, road or laneway mural need to have some form of anti-slip component, sometimes this can be as an additive or already mixed with the paint.

Ground and road murals are a good way to activate public spaces to encourage usage as well as change the awareness of the space.

For example, you can see the ground mural below painted on a footpath pedestrian area in Bendigo to help promote an upcoming art exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery. The footpath mural also activated the space and people enjoyed visiting this part of the park.

street art in Bendigo
Street Art in Bendigo
Bendigo placemaking street art

While in Bendigo a second footpath mural was painted out the front of the Heathcote Visitor Centre.

The footpath mural helped pedestrians as well as motorists become aware of the crossing area.

bikepath ground mural
Footpath mural in Heathcote
heathcote street arts
Street art making a brighter pathway
skate park street art
Painted pavement mural in Sydney
Path road mural in Melbourne laneway
pavement art
Pavement mural art
ground mural
Ground mural at a community skatepark event
street art canberra
Urban makeover with street art at Canberra University

Road Murals

Other areas for painting murals are on the footpath and even road murals. Both these services need particular preparation before painting. In particular road, surfaces need extensive cleaning to remove any oil as this will prevent the mural paint from sticking to the surface.

Aerial overview of a ground mural in Bendigo

Placemaking Ground Murals & Walls

An extension of painting road/ground murals, footpaths and laneways are wall murals. This helps to activate a space even more. Taking the murals from the ground up onto the walls creates an even more engaging space.

You can view more mural artwork in the folio section as well as a few additional mural artworks below.

start pavement mural
Pavement mural in Melbourne
colourful mural entrance
Making the Stockland building entrance more inviting with the colourful mural
footpath steps mural
Using street art to activate a pathway steps
flower mural
Simple mural wrapping onto the wall
walkway mural
Public walkway in a shopping centre in Sydney
school mural sydney
Mural artwork activating a school playground in Syndey

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