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Graffiti Artist Flavours

When I am painting a mural on a wall at times people will refer to me as a graffiti artist. I don’t call myself a graffiti artist but focus more on as a street artist and mural painter.

Generally, though I can work under any naming convention as my main focus is around art and painting walls.

I do love aspects of graffiti art and culture in particular some of the styles and techniques that have influenced the art you will find in the form of murals and street art today. My introduction to graffiti was mainly through the skate/punk scene.

gold coast street art
Mural created from a combination of skate graffiti and illustration
graffiti artist mural design
Graffiti style Illustration for a mural as part of a street art project
office magpie mural
Street art used in an office space in Sydney
graffiti style lettering
Playing around with graffiti style lettering

It is interesting how the graffiti community has brought art to the public without the need for a gallery, even though this may not be intended.

While at art school I did study typography (concrete poetry) and letterpress so I do find letterforms of graffiti artists interesting.

Street Artist & Mural Work

Most of my mural work is an extension of the drawings & illustrations that I do. You can see below some of my street art that originated from my drawings.

Some of my art has a play on the funnier influences from the punk/skate graffiti scene.

Graffiti Artist influenced
street art
Hybrid of graffiti and street art in Canberra
mural with colours
large mural using typography in the artwork
Street art bringing colour to this corridor
grafitti art
Using some flavours of graffiti in this street art at a skatepark

Mural Artist

Sometimes a mural artist is what I also get referred to, I don’t mind this and really at the end of the day, it’s just a name. I do love art in general across the board range of mediums and art genres.

Here are some of the murals and illustrations I have created with some graffiti influence.

mural request
Mural concept for a wall in Braidwood
Graffiti Artist wall painting
Going over a trashed piece on graffiti practice wall in Canberra
street artist gold coast
Combining graffiti street art vibes in The Gold Coast

If you like you can view all the murals I have painted in the street art section of my showcase page. You can also find my other artwork there too including my illustration work.

graffiti style mural
Graffiti influenced murals in Canberra

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