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Australian Freelance Illustrator & Digital Artist

I am an Australian freelance illustrator & digital artist with a unique illustration skillset. Illustration forms the foundation from which a lot of my street artwork evolves too.

I have a good working knowledge of production and requirements for both digital and print-based output.

digital artist illustrator
HAPPY DECAY – SPACE BEAUTICIAN – All Worlds (Photo: Ben Calvert)

Diverse Digital Illustration Styles

I have worked on all types of projects from small businesses to larger-scale companies and international brands with my diverse illustration style. I will also showcase more work in Digital Illustrator section too.

Digital artwork
Digital artwork combining different illustration styles

This illustration is an example of my style diversity being combined with Instagram AR filters for Meta. The final project artwork incorporated the artwork to help create a cross-over to the Metaverse.

nike mural
Illustration used for a vinyl mural for Nike
enchanted cupcake
Mixing illustration with photography
meta artwork
Digital illustration created for Meta to use with Instagram filters
freelance illustration
Illustration for Perth based client for a series of blog posts

This was one illustration from a series for Prada and their collaboration with Adidas. The main Prada office in Italy had to review my work for this role. Besides creating the sneaker illustrations I had to also be in the store on an opening day to custom illustrate tags for people who purchased one or more of the sneakers.

adidas prada sneaker illustration
Illustration created for PRADA with their sneaker collaboration with Adidas

Digital Illustrator

Most of my work is digital artwork which allows for it to be used across a range of mediums for print or digital purposes. I do sometimes call myself a digital artist too or a digital illustrator.

tote bag design
Tote bag illustration for Penrith City council
mural colouring sheet
Digital illustrator for school mural workshop colouring sheet that was part of a community mural project
Magazine illustration mock up
Magazine illustration mockup
freelance illustrator
Bird illustration used for a T-shirt design
digital artist
Full banner poster design for a project for Meta / Instagram
happy cat drawing
Using a combination of watercolour and gouache illustration techniques.
artist mural design
Illustration for a mural as part of a street art project

The following colourful illustration was used in a Samsung commercial when I was a freelance illustrator.

bat boy illustration
Screengrab of illustration being used n Samsung commercial
batboy illustration
Illustration used in a Samsung commercial

As you can see from my following illustrations I have a diverse style and many different techniques for creating custom illustrations for a range of commercial purposes.

If you would like to get in contact with me I am always happy to chat about your project and how we can work together.

Bjarni Wark Artist
Custom illustration for Artist portrait
glass bottle drawings
Different shaped bottles illustration for editorial
skateboard graphic design
skateboard graphic design
hand lettering illustration
custom hand lettering used in an illustration
Illustration used on the coffee packaging
skateboard graphic art
skateboard graphic artist with his illustration

I like to create illustrations combining traditional drawing methods as well as by digital means. I find it interesting to add real-world textures combined with the crisp lines of vectors. It allows for some dynamic illustration techniques and effects.

My go-to tools are pencil and paper, iPad Pro with Procreate and a large desktop computer with Photoshop and a Wacom drawing tablet.

Dynamic illustration using contrast and textures

Freelance Illustrator Styles

You can view my work as a commercial illustrator on my website as well as some of my freestyle illustration work.

I’m based around the Canberra – Sydney area / South Coast of NSW and work with clients all around Australia.

bat head illustration
Creating different textures to create a paper folded feeling to the illustration
Package illustration example of some fun characters

I also offer illustration work that is then used in mural painting. You can read about HAPPY DECAY as an Australian mural artist on my website.

hand illustration
Nature is in our hand illustration
tshirt design
T-shirt illustration for KING of the BOX in Newcastle
texture illustration
Illustration using textures

Australian Illustrator

If you are looking for an Australian illustrator for your next project then I would be happy to talk about your project.

As you have seen from my illustration examples I have a unique and varied style depending on the subject matter.

Illustrators Australia

You may also want to look a the Illustrators Australia website which is a directory of freelance illustrators too.

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