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Footpath & Pavement Murals

bendigo mural play

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Footpath Murals & Pavement Art

As a part of placemaking with street art, I have been painting pavement and footpath murals for the use of wayfinding, to identify areas or tell a story. By using street art and murals to make a positive change within the public space.

An example of a pavement mural below shows how the public interacts with it. You can see in the below photo a child is playing on the pavement mural while the parents sit in the distance.

bendigo mural play
Pavement mural in Bendigo Park
Another angle of the mural in Bendigo

Pavement Mural Examples

I have worked with several councils from the Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra regions in painting footpaths and pavement murals.

heathcote mural
Heathcote mural to help give awareness to road crossings
pavement mural
Pavement mural I painted in a Melbourne laneway
pavement mural

Bendigo City Council Pavement Art

The below photos show the pavement art that was applied to the pavement area in Bendigo City. The artwork was part of an exhibition for Mary Quant. As people walked from the station to the art gallery they would pass this pavement artwork.

Bendigo placemaking street art
Bendigo placemaking street art
footpath mural
Footpath painted in Sydney
skate park street art
Street art painted on the ground at a skate park
footpath mural
Heathcote street art footpath painted

Footpath Pavement Street Art

The following project was for Canberra University where street art was used around the urban environment. This included painting over objects used for seating, an electricity box and building walls. As you walk along the footpath you will be engaged by these murals.

street art canberra
Urban makeover with street art at Canberra University
walking near mural canberra
Urban makeover with street art in Canberra
Placemaking art in Sydney

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