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Stylised Flower Murals

flower mural wall

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Street Art Flower Murals

HAPPY DECAY is a multi-talented and skilled flower mural artist. You can view his diverse portfolio of work on this site too.

Below are some flower murals that use both his flat block style as well as a textured flower styling painting.

Laneway Flower Mural

The following artwork was a stylised flower mural as part of a laneway street art project in Moruya, South Coast.

This section of the laneway is part of the back entrances to a number of businesses. Some businesses use it as their main area for greeting customers.

The idea behind the mural was the existing plant that had worked its way up through the concrete next to the wall. So the idea of creating a permanent flower mural is to give it an all-around year flowering plant for people to look at. It also softened the brick wall and roller doors for pedestrians viewing the area.

blank wall before mural
Blank wall before the mural was painted
stylised flower drawing
flower graphic art
Flower graphic art that influenced the mural flowers
flower street art
flower street art
flower pods mural
Flower pattern pods as part of the artwork
flower mural wall
Flower street art
mural flower
Close-up of the flower mural
street art flowers
Street art flowers

Street Art Flowers at University

This indoor flower mural was painted for Torrens University in Sydney. The mural artwork is at the main entrance to the university.

mural corner
mural corner
plant mural detail
plant mural detail
mural of plants
mural of plants

What to Consider to Paint a Flower Mural

What to think about when planning to paint a flower artwork is as follows:

  • Colour scheme
  • Flower cmpsotiuon
  • Realism or abstract
  • Flower lighting direction
  • Flower size/scale

Mural Flower Colours

The mural colour scheme can be harmonious and appealing or you could make it varied in the colours. Bright and bold colours or soft and subtle shades will make for a different outcome, depending on the mood you want to convey. You could experiment with colour palettes beforehand.

Overall Mural Composition

The flower composition of the mural is also important. Determine the focal point of the mural and build around it. Consider the size and shape of the wall or surface where you plan to create the mural and use that to inform your composition.

Flower Realism or Abstraction

If you want to create a realistic flower painting, pay attention to the details. Study the shapes, colours, and textures of the flowers you want to paint and recreate them as accurately as possible. If you want a more abstract or stylized approach, you can still use flowers as inspiration and incorporate your own creative twists.

Flower Lighting

Lighting can have a big impact on the final look of your mural. Consider the direction of natural light in the room and how it will affect the colours and shadows in your mural. If you plan to add artificial lighting, think about where you want to highlight certain parts of the mural and how you can use lighting to create depth and interest.

Flower Scale

Scale is another important factor to consider. Think about the scale of the flowers in relation to the wall or surface where you plan to create the mural. Large flowers can make a bold statement, while smaller flowers can add a delicate touch. Adjust the scale of the flowers to achieve the overall effect you want to create.

Ultimately, a nice flower mural is one that reflects your personal style and tastes. Take the time to plan and experiment with different ideas until you find the one that feels right for you.

spray paint flower
Spray paint flower

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