Fitness Tips for Mural Painters & Street Artists

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The Body as a Tool

I had a little laugh to myself when starting off this article, think about it, fitness tips for artists.

But the facts are one day, after doing a full day or even working on a 5 day mural something in your body is going to just ache. If you are doing murals back to back then this body ache is just going to grow, it doesn’t go away, you can’t just keep trying to push your body through it.

Just as you look after your brushes and other equipment I tend to think that our body is the most important tool of all if you are doing your own painting.

So that is why I’m looking at preparing my body better to handle the physical slow grind that comes with painting murals.

Some Fitness Tips

  • Stretching
  • Gym
  • Water
  • Breaks

Stretching – keep loose

My go to is pilates / yoga. Painting all day, up and down ladders, outstretched, doing roller work, it is good to be flexible. Anywhere you can help to reduce wear and tear on your body will be helpful to you working all day.

Gym – rip the lid off

This could be anything that helps build some physical strength I say Gym generically as there are many ways to hel build muscle.

Water – keep it fluid

Drinking water throughout the day, a must. Keeping fluids up is helpful to keeping you feelng good.

Breaks – dance

Have a rest and circulating your blood, maybe some break dancing or slight stretching and sitting down helps.

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