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Farm Mural

farm mural

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Street Art for Farm Property

Painting a mural for a farm to help to enliven the rural setting in a modern/retro way. This painting is on the side of a shed that is being renovated into a workshop area on the farm.

rooster mural
One of the rooster mural concepts

I did the illustration and created the colour palette using Procreate on my iPad Pro then printed it out to use as the guide for painting the mural.

Later on, will look at adding colours from the mural palette to other sheds on the farm to help create a unified space within the farm setting and other buildings.

A street art project I did for the University of Canberra followed a similar approach in regards to taking the graphics from the mural and integrating the design elements into the surrounding urban environment.

Mural Painting for Farm Mural

The final chicken mural for the farm.

Mural on side of renovation of the workshop shed
Close up of street art on the farm
Looking at the other sheds where the colours and some painting will be done later on

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