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Work Process

For Mural / Street Art & Illustration Work

These steps need to be taken for all mural or illustration based work.

  1. Project clarification / brief – what needs to be done
  2. Project concept development based around the brief
  3. Execution of work

With the process, in short, set a budget, consultation with specific questions to give the mural/illustrations direction and purpose, develop a concept from the design brief, refine with input then prepare the final work.

Always feel free to also give me a call if you have any questions.

To being work my fee structure follows a series of payment milestones.

1. Project Clarification – Scope of Work

The project needs to be scoped and clarified. A light design brief will help to map this out. You may already have a design brief ready otherwise it would include such things as:

  • The main purpose of the work?
  • What does it need to try to achieve?
  • How should the work connect with people?
  • What is the timeframe, when do you need to have the work completed?
  • Who is the main contact and who will review the initial concept?
  • Budget constraints – will colours or details be limited by how much can be spent on the final work?

Specific to Murals

  • What is the size of the area that needs to be painted
  • Does the wall require preparation work
  • Is there the need for scaffolding/scissor lift

Specific to Illustration

  • What formats is it required in, print version and or digital formats
  • What merchandise will this be used on
  • Establish the boundaries of the use for the illustration

I can help you with preparing the project brief, just ask me.

2. Project Concept Development

Once the brief has been done and the work is clarified then a formal quote/invoice will be presented and when partial payment has been received the work begins.

Then when the project is underway with further consultation is done, some directional concept sketches/colours will be presented and the review process will begin.

The mural/illustration concept will be presented in digital form and with your review, the work will be refined if required. Refining the direction of the illustration/mural and presenting it again as it would look like when painted on the wall or in its final stages for illustrations.

process sketch
As a part of the process, a rough sketch will be shown for review and feedback before going into digital illustration for another review.

3. Execution of Work

After this stage and depending upon the work, being an illustration or mural it will then go into final production.

Throughout the whole process, there will always be open communication about how the process is going.

Client & Projects Include:

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