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Sticker Illustrator

A series of custom drawn stickers created for selling in my online shop.

Some of these stickers where illustrations used for some of my street art projects.

This sticker pack comes with FREE POSTAGE.

The height of each sticker is 75mm. Stick on your laptop, mobile or anywhere really to give it the weird bling.

The stickers are printed on premium vinyl with a strong adhesive, making them waterproof, scratchproof, and made to last.

happy decay stickers
Happy Decay stickers

The HAPPY DECAY Sticker Pack is made from durable vinyl and are rain & sunlight tough. Perfect for sticking on laptops, glass objects or just about anything to give it that unique look. These stickers are weatherproof, scratch-resistant & very long-lasting.

unicorn skull sticker
unicorn skull sticker
happy bunny sticker
happy bunny sticker
bear rabbit slippers
bear rabbit slippers sticker
happy decay logo sticker
happy decay logo sticker
melting ice cream sticker
melting ice cream sticker

Buy Stickers Online

And yes you can buy these stickers online from my shop.

happy stickers
A new illustration for making into a sticker

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Slowly building up my online shop with some T-shirts & Stickers.

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