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Australian Crypto Artist

As an Australian crypto artist and street artist, I am creating crypto art that is quirky and bold, colourful with a touch of animation.

I am selling some of my crypto artwork on OpenSea

As a digital artist, I can also create crypto art for your brand or needs and process it for you as an NFT if required.

I will be adding links to the platforms which will be selling my crypto art NFT’s here soon. Otherwise, you can buy direct from me and then I can get the artwork minted and transfer it over to your wallet. (list of places to mint artwork).

NFT artworks become valuable because they are made one of a kind (you can do limited editions too) by being “tokenised” by having a non-fungible token applied to them. It is similar to the idea there is only one originally painted Mona Lisa. Of course, people can copy or photograph the Mona Lisa but it is not the original and they are not the owner of the original by doing that.

Crypto art
Making new worlds with Crypto Art
nft artwork of brain breath
nft artwork of brain breath
nft cat crypto art
Another crypto artwork for my Brain Fresh collection
nft artwork
Illustration for converting to NFT artwork can mint if wanting to buy.

With NFTs, artwork when “tokenised” a digital certificate of ownership is created that can be sold and bought. You own the artwork through a unique one of a kind digital certificate that is stored on the blockchain (think of this as a place to keep digital things of value secure for you).

So in fact it is the non-fungible token that holds the value, the certificate of ownership of the digital artwork. So whenever the “artwork” gets bought or sold on the blockchain this information is get stored with the non-fungible token assigned to the artwork. The actual ownership of the NFT art is blockchain-managed.

happy cat drafting NFT
HAPPY DAYS getting ready for NFT art life
Custom crypto artwork ready for minting
crypto art
Get funky, it’s a pool party for crypto freaks!

Crypto Artist NFTs

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