Drawing Bat Head Illustrations

April 11, 2020 / From Freestyle Drawing & Art

origami bathead

Bathead Drawings As a freelance illustrator it is always good to experiment with illustration techniques. I wanted to test drive some new brushes I bought for drawing with on my iPad Pro. After hearing a story that someone ate a bat I came up with this series of bat head illustrations. The drawings were also […]

Hand Lettering & Textures

March 6, 2020 / From Freestyle Drawing & Art

Over the years I have always experimented with shapes, text and hand lettering. With this series of drawings, I’m looking at combining all three of these in a fun and playful way. later on, I will adopt a more simplified version for the hand lettering to be used in street art / mural projects or […]

Bear with Bunny Slippers

September 12, 2019 / From Freestyle Drawing & Art

bunny slippers

This illustration was going to be stand-alone street art though go used in a larger mural. The main figure is a bear who is wearing an African mask while casually wearing bunny slippers. The idea is that what may seem frightening on appearance is actually soft and cuddly. This type of illustration could work really […]

Wild Yetis or Yowies

August 24, 2019 / From Freestyle Drawing & Art

childrens book illustrator

This is from a series of illustrations I have been working on exploring the lifestyle of wild yetis / yowies in their natural habitat. I do love how the colours work with each other and the added textures bring these illustrations to life. This style of illustration would work really well as either a mural […]

Art School Skull Landscape

July 28, 2019 / From Freestyle Drawing & Art

artshool skull

Remembering Art School Days Did this drawing today when dreaming of art school days, my teachers and friends. I would like to do this as an etching combined with aquatint & drypoint. I was originally trained as an etcher / printmaker and still have a love of the traditional aspect of printmaking. I carry a […]

Pool Party Illustration

May 9, 2019 / From Freestyle Drawing & Art

pool party illustraton

Banana Ghost One of my favourite freestyle illustrations at the moment. I really enjoyed drawing out this idea. It was a bit of a mashup of a ghost, banana, rainbow and pool floaty to give extra character. Later on I will find a wall to paint up this illustration as a mural / street art […]

DEAD Snake Juice

May 9, 2019 / From Freestyle Drawing & Art

halftone snake

I love working with textures when creating illustrations. This illustration was based around the dangers of drinking toxic substances. The snake is distilled in an alcohol based solution. The solution is what killed the snake in the first place.

Floating Zombie

May 8, 2019 / From Freestyle Drawing & Art

This illustration of a Floating  Zombie was intended for a poster design, maybe a kite or hot air balloon festival. I was also experimenting with textures both smooth and rough along with strong contrast.

Diamond & Snake Illustration

April 12, 2019 / From Freestyle Drawing & Art

snake drawing graphic

Friends 4EVA While I was working at a table in Sydney I saw this carved out diamond in the desktop. This gave birth to the idea of friends 4EVA illustration. A snake wrapping itself around the diamond, protecting the friendship at all costs. The overall look and feel was a bit trend based on the […]

Experimenting with Hand Drawn 3D Lettering

April 11, 2019 / From Freestyle Drawing & Art

rabbit drawing

Hand Drawn Typography Was wanting to draw this hand lettering style for a while as I think it would translate well into mural work. Below you can see a combination of hand drawn lettering with illustration and photo montage. Each item was drawn quickly to give that gritty feel about it.

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HAPPY DECAY = Bjarni Wark

Originally I was trained in fine arts with a focus on illustration, drawing and letterpress (hand set typography). Later on I learnt Photoshop and Illustrator along with other modern digital illustration techniques.

Now with this combination of traditional & digital drawing I love to work with commercial work from small book type illustration, through to poster and full mural painting sized illustration / digital art.

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