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Community Mural Workshops & Murals

As a community mural artist, I have been providing fun mural workshops for Councils and organisations around Australia.

Process Community Murals

Each time I work with community murals I can customise the mural workshop around the needs of the community and people.

In general, for the mural, a theme will be decided upon then research for what to consider for the mural begins.

Community feedback can also be a part of the process. Where community members can contribute their findings around the mural theme. This can be in the form of text and drawings or photographs, whichever makes it easier for people to add their input.

community mural
community mural

On taking in all the feedback I then work on several mural designs to present back to the community or group leaders. From the feedback, I can then start to work with the most common overlapping input for the mural design.

On presenting the mural concepts to the community further refinement can be made or if the majority of people are happy with it the final mural design can be refined and ready for painting.

Community Mural Participation

This is the fun bit when people can now be a part of the painting process of the community mural.

I will normally sketch out the mural and then either colour code sections of the mural on the wall or have a printed sheet to guide what colours go where on the mural.

murl workshop
Community mural workshop in Canberra

University Mural with Students

This mural was done with the community of students at the university.

canberra mural workshop
University students at a mural workshop
mural workshop
Community leaders enjoying the painting of a mural in Canberra
mural students
Mural workshop in a school in Canberra
placemaking artist
Placemaking artist at work creating community public art
school mural workshop
Working with students from Batemans Bay Highschool mural workshop

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