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Community Mural Survey Questionnaire

Working on community mural projects is one of the services I offer as a street artist.

In general, there will be a theme of the mural that will be specified to the location and community.

Community mural art projects should aim to meaningfully engage community members through the various stages of the mural production. This can be done by inviting the local community to give input and feedback by participating in a survey.

Results will be shared with the artist or artist team painting the mural.

Examples of questions below, create a form, still doing this.

  • Pick 5 to 10 words to describe your experience living and/ or working in REGION NAME.
  • Briefly describe what makes you feel connected to this community.
  • In your experience, what defines this community?
  • What ideas or concepts would you like to see incorporated in the mural reflecting the theme of imagining and building an equal, diverse and inclusive city?
  • Based on the mural examples below, please select your top four mural style choices: *
Captionless Image

AbstractContemporaryGraffitiGraphicPortraitRealismWhimsicalFirst ChoiceSecond ChoiceThird ChoiceFourth ChoiceFirst ChoiceSecond ChoiceThird ChoiceFourth Choice

  • Please describe the style you would like to see in this mural, and why.
  • Please share any other comments, input, or questions you have related to this mural project.
  • Would you like to stay updated about the mural project events, news, and progress? If yes, please share your e-mail below.
  • What is your connection to the NAME Region?
  • I am a resident used to live in NAME RegionI grew up in NAME RegionI work in NAME RegionI own a business in BNAME RegionI used to work in I grew up in NAME RegionI visit NAME RegionOther:
  • What is your age range? *14-17 years18-24 years25-34 years35-44 years45-54 years55-64 years65+I prefer not to say

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