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Canteen Mural Sydney School

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Chester Hill Public School Canteen Mural

I will be updating the text soon in regards to this school canteen mural.

The mural was based around positive eating habits along with making the canteen area a playful and happy place.

In the meantime, you can view some photos of the mural below.

school canteen
School canteen area before the mural was painted
school canteen mural
The school canteen mural
painted school canteen mural
The roof of the canteen was also painted at the school
painted uniform shop mural
The mural also includeded painitng the uniform shop area too
bee mural at school
Bee painted as part of the school mural
mural at school canteen
A colourful change of the school canteen
mural school canteen
The outside area of the school canteen was also painted
cat bee mural
A happy cat and bee as part of the mural
fruity school mural
Happy fruity characters as part of the mural
happy school mural character
Under each serving window was a happy character
Zucchini juggling fruit mural
Zucchini juggling yummy fruit
canteen street art
The mural flowed to the outside walls of the school canteen
school canteen mural
The mural flowed up onto the roof of the school canteen
watermelon mural
Taking a bit out of the mural watermelon piece

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