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University of Canberra Street Art

ping pong street art

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Canberra Street Art & Urban Beautification

This street art was for the University of Canberra. The original project started with requesting me to create an illustration / mural for their POPP outdoor ping pong table

After some discussion, it was decided that an urban activation of this shared space would be a good extension to the original street art concept.

Overall Street Art Concept

I submitted two ideas for the design direction and focused on this one being the one to go with for its engaging playful nature and also the way it would expand to the surrounding urban area.

The street art painting for the ping pong table played on the idea of the way a ping pong ball bounces along with that of the way a rabbit hops. Thus the text “Let’s Bounce”.

ping pong table design at UC
University of Canberra ping pong table illustration design

Some additional graphics were created, eg the clouds, rabbit holes, mysterious cloud vapour and ping pong balls/circles that then could be used to integrate and activate the surrounding space.

The Final Urban Makeover

The application of the overall concept and graphics in the form of street art / urban beautification was extremely positive. Through the illustrations and graphics, this part of the University of Canberra has now become an activated space to engage students and staff to enjoy.

Canberra electrical box street art
Painted Electrical box at the University of Canberra, creating space with painted objects
street art branding University of Canberra
Concrete seating painted with some of the graphics from the ping pong table
pink rabbit street art canberra
A rabbit hiding in the bushes
ping pong table with rabit street art
Ping pong table with painted illustration on it
Street art detail around the window
street art around window
People playing ping pong at University of Canberra
“Let’s Bounce” UC students testing the table out
concrete seating with painted graphics
Simple and effective design
street art University of Canberra
Flow of street art from one object to the next
street art branding urban space
Street art at the University of Canberra

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