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Canberra Mural for Turner Tennis Club

bright wall mural

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Turner Tennis Club Mural in Canberra

Turner Tennis Club engaged my artistic mural service to help rejuvenate their tennis practice hitting walls.

As these are very public walls located on the edge of the main tennis courts and community park a theme was created around the park combined with a flavour of tennis and nature.

There was also a historical owl included in the final artwork that lived in the park for some time.

Tennis Murals

The mural design also had to incorporate the official height of a tennis net. This was for people who were using the hitting walls to be aware of the net height as this would be necessary when playing a game of tennis.

The main two hitting walls included the net height by using a block colour and pattern that differed from the top section of the hitting wall.

With the two walls, one mural design was more colourful while the second mural was more subdued for more serious practice.

As part of the mural project, the walls were painted with protective paint to help reduce graffiti.

tennis practice walls graffiti
The tennis practice walls before painting the murals
owl mural
An owl that lived in the park was included in the mural design
bird mural
Bird as part of hitting wall mural
colorful tennis wall mural
A colorful tennis wall mural in Canberra
twin mural artists
Mural assistant twins helped paint twin birds
happy tennis mural
Happy tennis mural practice wall
two birds mural
Twin bird mural
tennis practice hitting walls
Canberra tennis practice hitting walls
magpie looking mural
A magpie checking out the mural
happy murals
The mural brought a feeling of extra fun to the practice session for father and daughter

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