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Canberra Mural at Radford College

flowers birds mural

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Radford College Mural & Workshop

The art department at Radford College wanted to have a student mural workshop along with painting a shipping container outside the classrooms.

School Mural Workshop

The mural’s design emerged from a collaborative endeavour, reflecting the passions of visual arts students. Guided by Bjarni, the students delved into the nuances of crafting a large-scale masterpiece, from inception to the final strokes of the brush.

mural workshop
Radford College student mural workshop

Through the mural workshop, some common themes for the mural were identified with the students. Bright colours, flowers, birds and imagination.

Students from years 7 through 11 helped paint parts of the mural onto the shipping container.

Now a centrepiece in the visual arts domain, the mural exudes a dynamic aura, igniting inspiration in not only the art students but also all who pass by.

This undertaking underscores the value of hands-on learning beyond traditional classroom settings. When art transcends individual expression to become a shared journey, and its presence in public spaces is felt, its impact resonates deeply. It serves as a testament to art’s ability to engage communities in vibrant and meaningful ways, extending beyond the confines of galleries and museums.

radford mural
Canberra school mural
mural flowers
Shipping container mural at Radford College
bird mural
Stylised bird illustration used within the mural
flower murals
Flower theme for parts of the school mural
artroom mural
Mural outside the art department classrooms
bird style mural
Imaginative birds painted as part of the mural
flowers birds mural
Organic pattern shapes formed parts of the mural

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