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Canberra Graffiti Artists Practice Sites

There are a number of legal graffiti sites specifically for Canberra graffiti artists and any artist really to practice their art skills.

When I went to one of the graffiti practice sites I found a bit of all the wall that had been trashed. You can see that this piece has been smashed by another graftti artist.

Trashed or thrashed by Graffiti

I recently was told I should have completely buffed over the above graffiti wall first so next time I will take some buff with me. Oh to carlfiy I didn’t burn over the top of a piece just to be clear on that, it was already trashed.

Using some of the exisiting layered graffiti

I worked up my base artwork of an existing mural I did.

canberra graffit site
Working up the base of my character using underlying graffiti
street mural canberra
detail of graffiti
Detail of graffiti artwork
One of teh legal graffiti practivce sites in Canberra

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