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Canberra College Dining Hall Mural

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Mural of Belonging for New Students in Canberra

As a muralist, it was great to paint this mural along with 160 students at this Canberra Campus at the Australian National University.

The mural helped to transform the dining hall into a more welcoming place and help integrate and generate a feeling of belonging for new first-year students.

The mural was about 20m long and had a height of around 4m. All students had to work from a standing position and I painted the higher parts with the use of ladders.

I had to translate the original input into a design that was inclusive and diverse, challenge accepted and completed ✅

I could see this mural design style work for hospitals, well being & health, public gathering areas, and other schools too.

mural preperation
Preparing the mural for the students to help paint
Students helping paint the mural
Students helping paint the mural
Students adding their own custom illustration to the mural
mural backwall
The mural covered the whole 20m back wall
Fun illustrations and sayings added to the mural
Fun illustrations and sayings added to the mural
students and mural
Students enjoying their new mural
wall mural canberra
studusnt mural
The mural has now become a part of the students lifestyle

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