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Canberra Centre Mural & Community Mural Workshop

mural Canberra Centre

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Mural at Canberra Centre Entrance

This mural is at the Canberra Centre and can be seen at the main entrance side of Ainslie Ave.

The mural was the end result of working with Surface Festival and management from the Canberra Centre.

Community Mural Workshop

As a community mural artist, I also ran a mural workshop where members of the community were able to participate in painting sections of the mural. For a part of the day people who had registered to participate came and helped paint sections of the mural that had been prepared and colour coded. Partiptaints included children through to adults and was enjoyed by all.

Before starting the community mural workshop some basic skills on how to use the brush and paint the wall was given as well as guidance during the mural painting session.

mural sketch
Starting the mural by sketching out the baselines
mural at entrance Canberra Centre
Mural at entrance Canberra Centre
mural details
Detail of the mural
riding bike past mural
A local commuter riding by the Mural
people standing next to mural
When you are colour coordinated with the street art mural
walking near mural canberra
Walking near mural in Canberra
placemaking mural
Placemkaing with the mural
mural details
Section of the mural
mural contemplation
Mural contemplation
Mural workshop in Canberra
Mural workshop in Canberra
mural meeting place
Mural meeting place
The mural nose
The mural nose
South Coast mural artists Gav & Bronwen from Gwiyaala Aboriginal Art stopped by.
Mural wraps around the Canberra Centre wall
The mural wraps around the Canberra Centre wall
Mural with some trees above
Mural with some trees above
mural Canberra Centre
Canberra Centre mural

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