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Braidwood Murals & Street Art

braidwood mural

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Braidwood Heritage-listed Buildings and Street Art

I wanted to ask the opinions of what people thought about murals being painted on heritage-listed buildings?

You can add your opinion at the bottom of this page.

As a street artist who drives to Canberra a lot from my Moruya for work, I make Braidwood my halfway stop. As I was getting a coffee from 134 Espresso Bar and sitting on the bench I noticed the big blank wall or canvas of the Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council building in Braidwood.

This got me thinking it would be a delightful spot to paint a large mural but would it be in distaste with those who might see it as detrimental to the architectural design of the building?

The painting of a mural on the building doesn’t damage the structure in any way. The good thing is with the mural as it is just paint, it can be painted back over the top of, back to its original colour in future if need be.

Note to me, write up an article about the benefits of street art and murals for rural towns as part of placemaking.

Mural Concepts for Braidwood

So what I decided to do was mock-up two mural designs for the building and superimpose them so it can give an insight into what it could look like.

I created two mural design ideas, one being of an initiative by Landcare and another which is more abstract and pattern-based.

The red-browed finch seen in the Braidwood area as a mural

The Scarlet Robin was a project’s namesake for bird identification workshops run by Landcare in Braidwood. The project seeks to protect birds including the brown treecreeper, the diamond firetail, the flame robin, the gang-gang cockatoo, the glossy black cockatoo, the hooded robin and the speckled warbler.

street art Braidwood
Organic pattern mural concept on Braidwood buidling

The second mural concept is more organic and patterned based which sometimes can be easier for people to connect with due to personal interpretation.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts below.

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10 thoughts on “Braidwood Murals & Street Art

  1. Absolutely love both artworks but the Scarlet Robyn is a standout.

    I would love to see your artwork painted on the council building. It would be a wonderful asset to Braidwood.

    1. Thanks Liz for your comments. I too think it would be a wonderful asset for Braidwood. A good mural would make for an interesting feature for the town.

  2. I am new to Braidwood, so perhaps don’t have some of the legacy issues surrounding the heritage-listed buildings (which I love just as they are), but I don’t think their heritage listing precludes them from having murals painted on their side and rear walls. I love the idea and these designs. I think a mural which is Braidwood-related (like the bird example) would be fantastic. Fully supported by me.

    1. Thanks for your insights. I liked this wall as it was on the side alley and wasn’t a fully dominant spot.

      And with a mural, it could be painted over to take back to its original state. Anyway was just seeing what the community thought so thank you again.

  3. I love the concept and feel the Robin is appropriate for the building. Good work on getting this concept underway.

    1. Thanks, Sherridan, yes thought the Robin would help weave a bit of a story in with the overall design and help bring awareness to the cause maybe.

  4. Our son and daughter-in-law live down that lane and we vote for the bird mural.

    Good initiative.

    1. Thanks, I like that one too, will see if the mural idea can rake some traction.

  5. I love Bombala and it’s buildings and the town would benefit by such an uplift of colour… may I have your contact details

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