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Bird Illustrator

HAPPY DECAY is a bird illustrator who likes to combine patterns, textures and slightly realistic details when it comes to bird drawings and bird murals.

Bird drawings and paintings can be created in a similar style to the below bird illustrations.

Focusing on Australian native birds but can create artwork around any bird and location.

school bird mural
Bird drawing concept used for mural proposal
Red-browed finch drawing
blackbird mural
Blackbird drawing
Bell bird drawing
Bellbird drawing
water bird mural
large bird mural concept
red browed finch drawing
Red-browed finch drawing using sepia tones
bird mural
Custom bird illustration for murals

Bird Paintings

As a bird painter, most of HAPPY DECAYS’ paintings will be large-scale bird murals. A focus is on Australian native birds though he can paint any bird from around the world.

bird painting
bird painting as a mural
bird mural sydney
Street art mural styled bird mural at a University campus
sydney street bird mural
Sydney street bird mural
bird murals
Bird painting mural concept

Bird illustrator tips

Drawing a bird can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Here are five steps to help you create a simple yet detailed bird drawing:

Bird Outline as Basic Shapes

Body: Start by drawing an oval or an egg shape for the body of the bird.

Head: Add a smaller circle or oval on top of one end of the body shape to represent the head.

Guidelines: Lightly sketch a line from the head to the body to guide the placement of the beak and another for the tail.

Bird Beak and Tail

For the beak, draw a small triangle or a cone shape protruding from the head for the beak. The shape and size can vary depending on the type of bird you are drawing.

For the bird tail, extend a few lines from the back of the body oval to create the tail feathers. These can be simple lines or more detailed feather shapes.

Draw the Wings and Legs

Bird wings, draw from the sides of the body, and sketch the wings. These can be curved lines extending outward and downwards. You can add details like feather lines within the wings.

For the legs, sketch two lines extending from the bottom of the body oval for the legs. Add small oval shapes at the end for the feet. Depending on the bird, the legs might be short and stocky or long and thin.

Birds Face and Feathers

For drawing the bird’s eyes, add a small circle or dot for the eye on the head. You can add a smaller circle to it for a more realistic look.

Bird feathers, start detailing the bird’s body by adding feather patterns. Use short, curved lines on the wings and tail to represent feathers. For a more realistic look, vary the direction and length of these lines.

Refine Bird Illustration

Go over your drawing to refine the bird’s shape. Make sure the head, body, wings, and tail blend smoothly.

Tips for Drawing or Painting Birds:

  • Reference Images: Use photos or illustrations of birds to understand their anatomy and feather patterns.
  • Light Sketching: Start with light lines so you can easily erase and adjust as needed.
  • Practice: Drawing birds in various poses and angles will help you improve your skills and develop a better understanding of bird anatomy.

By following these steps and tips, you’ll be able to draw a bird that looks both detailed and realistic.

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