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HAPPY DECAY – Australian NFT Artist

As an Australian NFT Artist & street artist, my crypto art is a combination of both traditional and digitally produced artwork that is then converted into that of an NFT.

I also can create custom illustrations for your own collection of NFTs too. Get in touch if you would like to chat more about it.

Buy my NFTs artwork on my OpenSea account
(the world’s first & largest NFT marketplace).

I will be adding links to the platforms that will be selling my crypto art NFT’s here soon. Otherwise, you can buy direct from me and then I can get the artwork minted and transfer it over to your wallet. (list of places to mint artwork).

illustration meta
Artwork before it becomes an NFT
NFT Jedi

First NFT up for Sale on OpenSea

Brain Breath is my first NFT for sale, well you can make an offer for it on my OpenSea account.

nft artwork of brain breath
Brain Breath is my first NFT for sale, well you can make an offer for it on my OpenSea account.
nft crypto art
Another NFT artwork for my Brain Fresh collection

Explaining NFT as Art

When an artwork is converted into an NFT it then becomes valuable because it becomes a one of a kind item by being “tokenised” by having a non-fungible token applied to them. This makes it unique and added to the blockchain. If you wish there is the option of making a limited “edition” available on the blockchain as well.

Some people say that they can just copy the original artwork easily or take a screenshot and that is true but the true value of the artwork once converted into an NFT is that there is only one of these on the blockchain and ownership is connected with that NFT.

If you think of a famous painting, it is true someone can take a photo of it or paint a replicate of it but there is still only one original artwork. That is the comparison of owning the NFT.

nft artwork
Illustration for converting to NFT artwork can mint if wanting to buy.

With NFTs, artwork when “tokenised” a digital certificate of ownership is created which can be sold and bought. The artwork is owned through a unique one of a kind digital certificate that is stored on the blockchain.

The NFT holds the value, the certificate of ownership of the digital artwork. So whenever the “artwork” gets bought or sold on the blockchain this information is stored with the non-fungible token assigned to the artwork. The actual ownership of the NFT art is blockchain-managed.

flower drawing illustration
Dynamic NFT illustration using contrast and textures

Australian Crypto Art

I will link my accounts that are selling my NFT crypto art on it soon.

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Muralist / Street Artist Digital Art / Illustration

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